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F.A.Q. Flag Football

Flag - Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Season Start?

Practices for Spring generally begin in mid Februrary and fall is Early August.

Winter season begins practices in mid December with games in January and February

Scrimmages and Pictures for Spring are usually the last week of Februray or first week of March.
Scrimmage and Pictures for Fall are usually the last week of August.
Winter season has no scrimmage or picture weekend.

The first games of the spring season are usually the first week in March on Fridays and/or Saturdays.
The first games in fall are usually the weekend after Labor Day.

Spring and Fall may include Friday night games.
Saturday games in Spring begin in mornings and fall usually late morning or afternoon
Winter has Friday only games.

How big is a NFL Flag team?

We play 5 on 5 with team sizes between 8 & 10 players.

How big is the field?

Field is 30 x 70 yards including 10 yards for each end zone

Where do you practice?

We match kids to the closest coach to where they live. It is coaches' discretion to where to practice. Usually a local park or wash is fine.
We have also reserved park space for several teams to use during the week. (Some may be lighted in fall)

How many teams?

We currently have over several hundred kids playing each season and have had over a dozen teams in the middle divisions with our 5-6 and 13-14 divisions being a little smaller.

How many games?

We play 8 regular season games in spring and fall with a shorter winter season.

The end of the season has 1 or 2 weeks of tournament games where everyone plays.
You should plan on both weekends as the schedule is based on records.

Spring Season ends the weekend prior to Memorial Day
Fall Season ends the weekend prior to Thanksgiving
Winter Season ends just prior to spring season beginning

Is there a late registration?

If coaches decide to take additional players to fill their team, we have to expedite equipment for those new players. In order to accomplish this we need to charge a higher fee plus a $25 expedite fee.

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